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Knowledge Is Power

Kip Lyon, CHt, CMt, NLP has been formally classroom trained by George Bien, Advanced Neuro-Research And Education, New York, USA, and is certified by the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT).

As a professional, he is dedicated to his own growth and expansion and is actively involved in continued education and research in advanced hypnosis and modern hypnotherapy techniques.

Through formal classroom training, Kip has been Certified as a Master Trainer; enabling him to offer his comprehensive 2-Day Certified Past-Life Practitioner Course, as well as the full

10-day IACT Certification Hypnotherapy Course.

Kip specializes in Past-Life Regression, phobias, anxieties, and

conducting professional level training in his Past-Life Practitioner

and Certified Hypnotherapy courses.

Our Services

At K.I.P. Hypnosis Ltd., we have developed highly effective

solutions for; Stop Smoking, Phobias, Pre-Surgery Anxieties

and Rapid Healing, Past-Life Regression Therapies, Alcohol

Addictions, Stress Control and Relaxation, and Self-Confidence

to name just a few of our most commonly requested


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